Church of Saint Roch

1 Father Abramowicz Street

Church of Saint Roch

The beginning of the trail

At Church of Saint Roch Father Michał Sopoćko many times participated in religious celebrations of the diocese and the city of Białystok. He also took active part in pastoral work.

As a Religious Education teacher in the Seminary he came to the parish with trainee priests for inspections and religious instructions. He cooperated with Father Edward Kisiel, a priest and devoted catechist of this parish, later the first Archbishop of Białystok.

From Church of Saint Roch walking along Lipowa Street and Rynek Kościuszki – the main municipal route – passing Saint Nicolas Orthodox Cathedral and the former city hall, we make our way towards the Arch-Cathedral of Białystok.

The route length: 1200 m. Duration: about 16 minutes.